I was born in early 1945 and grew up in south west the Hague (The Netherlands). I started painting as a boy. After some soul searching wether to became an artist I decided to pursue a career in a technical profession instead. However as soon as the working pressure allowed I became active in the visual arts in various disciplines and followed a few courses in art history. Oil-paint became my favourite medium. In 2013 I returned to the Hague where my wife and I found our new home in the part called Scheveningen village close to the sea and the harbour. As to my painting I like to mention the painter Gerard Huysman and recently Els Thijsse >>> [Also on facebook] as much appreciated coaches. I am still learning and find contact with others who are active in the same field stimulating . Although I feel more a craftsman than an artist I became member of a local Art club called (KopS) and I do regularly exhibit my work.

I have a realistic/figurative style with with emphasis on abstract values such as,colour composition light distribution and especial atmosphere. For practical reasons I prefer to paint on paper which I frame in a passe-partout. Occasionally I work on canvas or panel.

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